Post College Weight Gain



I graduated college in 2012 with a "healthy' 190 pound body. Going into my freshman year people warned me of the freshmen 15 but no one said anything about the Post Grad 20 (more like 50 for me!).

I moved back to the DC area back to my mother's home with no job and no pressing aspirations. My time was spent hanging out with friends and exploring the city (code word for happy hours and weekend brunch). Before I realized it my pants where a little tighter and my perfect curvy body has a few more "bumps" in the road. I did my best to work out consistently and it worked for a while... until I got a job. My 9-5 required me to spend much time sitting at a computer and there was little or no physical activity. I still felt the same at this point so there still was no rush to head to the gym.It all got worse once I moved in with my boyfriend. I love him but I partly blame him for my new love handles. Nights where we would usually go out where now spent Netflix and Chillin. We did pay a lot of money for our couch and king size bed, and we use it.... a lot! Lucky for him his job is physically demanding... unlike mine.

Now with thoughts of a wedding on the horizon I am now rushing to get back to my college wright before even entertaining the idea of dress shopping. I am now on the hunt for the perfect plan to help me get in control of this weight (or contributions toward lipo).

How has your post grad body been? I can't be alone in this struggle right? comment below!